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Inflatable Medical Tent

Inflatable Medical Tent

Item No.: TT001
Brand Name: Hushine Inflatables
Size: 20x6x3m / 66x20x10ft
Material: 0.6mm and 0.4mm PVC tarpaulin
Product Type: Airtight
Worldwide Shipping: Yes

Inflatable Medical Tent

1.It has 2 parts, each part is 10x6x3m / 33x20x10ft . They're connected by Velcro in Sandwich way. The overall length is 20m/ 66ft.

2.Made of Plato 0.6mm PVC tarpaulin for tubes and 0.4mm PVC tarpaulin for covers and curtains, it's lead free, water proof, UV resistant and fire retardant,

3.It's airtight. Inflate it with the electric air pumps and then remove the electric power and the air pump.

4.There are two doors in the front and back and windows at two sides which can be rolled up.

5.It has the ground sheet and tubes at two sides to connect air conditioners. 

6.A lot of D-rings on top which can help fix the light or other decoration.

7.We accept customized. Don't hesitate to contact us to order the inflatable medical tent. 


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